General Music

Each student in this program will be a part of a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and engaging atmosphere to maximize their learning experience. Students will become familiar with the concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form though activities that involve reading, writing, singing, moving, listening, playing instruments, improvising and composing. Students will have a weekly opportunities to develop social skills, collaboration skills, discipline, confidence, leadership, time management, and independence that will encourage lifelong learning. Through this program, students will develop an understanding of how music can enhance their daily lives, become familiar with the basics of reading, preforming, and composing music, and understand different styles and the history of western and non-western styles of music

Jeff – Art
Secondary Physical Education and Health
Sports Elective

Band Elective 

Through the CCHS Band Elective, students will learn to play a variety of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments through individual practice, group rehearsals, and public performances. Additionally, students will learn how to read music, maintain instruments, and work as a team to perform a variety of songs. The CCHS Band will have 3 performances a year and will be featured in the annual Christmas Show.

Beginning Mandarin Elective