Primary School

Dr. Lori bobak

Primary School Principal



Welcome to the CCHS Primary School!

The CCHS Primary Program is truly committed to living our school mission: 

To provide a student-centered environment based on high expectations that actively promotes leadership, wisdom, and integrity by fostering creative, critical thinkers who are life-long learners, caring human beings and responsible global citizens.

Our Primary School academic program requires students to excel beyond understanding content, including mathematics, English language arts, science, Spanish, social studies, Sociales as well as art, music, physical education, and Makerspace classes.  Each student is afforded the opportunity to apply these learned concepts and skills within real world situations through project based learning structure and Makers Centered Learning. We encourage all learners to become effective, efficient, and ethical thinkers. Students’ development of communication and technology skills are critical aspects of the CCHS  learning process.   Our young learners express their thoughts and ideas to others through our dynamic learning structure.  These life skills, combined with our academic rigor, promote learning that is holistic and allows students to develop into tomorrow’s leaders by being exposed to many views and ideas. 

Character education and social emotional wellness are at the forefront of all learning. Through our  counseling Department,  our Second Step Character Education Program, including student safety units, and peace table structure within our classrooms, provide the foundations and development of CCHS students into kind, empathetic and compassionate individuals. Problem solving strategies,  personal safety, and respecting others enable students to be equipped to deal with daily life situations and advocate for themselves even at young ages. 

The primary students celebrate the 32+ nationalities we have within our CCHS  community daily and school-wide weekly at our flag ceremonies.  Our ongoing celebrations of life, learning,  and love resonate throughout our campus and beyond. We encourage you to explore our website and visit the examples  and images of student learning we have captured.  We welcome you with open arms to experience the CCHS difference! 

In Unity,

Dr. Lori A. Bobak

Curriculum Overview

Our Primary program is focused on guiding students to construct their own understandings of the world around them. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for Today’s Learners to be Tomorrow’s Leaders. During the primary years, we work on constructing the foundation content and skills necessary to navigate through a learning program based on high expectations. Infused within the curriculum are opportunities to begin developing a heightened sense of responsibility, collaboration, leadership, problem solving and effective communication. As these skills evolve throughout the Primary years, it provides a firm foundation to move forward as critical thinkers and creative learners. Our commitment to Maker-Centered Learning enables students to explore & then create while finding solutions that are effective, efficient, ethical and beautiful. We incorporate an integrated curriculum approach supports our Project Based Learning Structured. This “non traditional” program is rooted in structured outcomes, but allows students to meet these expectations in a much more meaningful way, connected to real world ideas and innovation.